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Grand Palace Officers

Grand Queen Bathsheba 

Princess Chuvala Snell-McFarlane is the Grand Queen Bathsheba for the State of Florida.  She is the state department leader that oversees the Princesses of the Queen of the South Palaces and Department throughout the entire State of Florida for the sisterhood. The Florida palace is the largest grand palace in International Masons. Princess McFarlane took office in August 2021.

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With a passion for leadership and a desire to make a difference during their time within the Queen of the South, our Executive Committee is fully dedicated to making the right decisions, as well as actively looking for philanthropic and volunteering opportunities for members to thrive and grow. Learn more about each of them below.

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OFFICERS 2022-2023

Grand Queen Bathsheba                     Pr. Chuvala McFarlane

Grand King Solomon                            KS Michael Davis

Grand Associate Queen Bathsheba     Pr. Ebony Hicks

Grand Ceremonial Hattipha                  Pr. Shaquandra White

Grand Recording Leah                         Pr. Na'Keisha Phillips

Grand Assistant Recording Leah          Pr. Armanda Nelson

Grand Ceremonial Recording Leah      Pr. Candra Mustafa

Grand Financial Leah                            Pr. Angela Roberts

Grand Assistant Financial Leah            Pr. Rasheeda Snell

Grand Ceremonial Financial Leah         Pr. Ida O. Blaylock

Grand Myra                                            Pr. Donnita Coleman-Dubell

Grand Assistant Myra                            VACANT

Grand Ceremonial Myra                        Pr. Donna Henderson

Grand Oziel                                           Pr. Sandra Kyles

Grand Assistant Oziel                           Prince S. Timothy Sinclair

Grand Zorah                                          Pr. AnJanet Babbs

Grand Assistant Zorah                          Pr. Mary Mitchell

Grand Chaplain                                     Pr. Denise Jamison

Grand Assistant Chaplain                     Pr. Valarie Martin

Grand Marshal                                      Pr. Kimberly Gilliam

Grand Assistant Marshal                       Pr. Pamela White-Slade

Grand Hagar                                         Pr. Darria Doyle

Grand Assistant Hagar                         Pr. Armanda Nelson

Grand Orpha                            Pr. Tiffaney Brown

Grand Assistant Orpha            Pr. Tiffany Holliman

Grand Ellah                              Pr. Elayne Jones 

Grand Assistant Ellah              Prince Arturio Wilson

Grand Syene                            Pr. Taneesha Lane

Grand Assistant Syene            Pr. Viola Xavier

Grand Tharah                           Pr. Princess Cole

Grand Assistant Tharah           Prince John Thomas

Grand Warder                          Pr. Machelle Hardack

Grand Assistant Warder           Pr. Paulette Duclos

Grand Sentinel                         Pr. Mary McPhadder

Grand Assistant Sentinel          Pr. Frances Simmons

Grand Organist                        Pr. Valarie Martin

Grand Assistant Organist         Pr. Sheila Dyals

Grand Lecturer                         Pr. Herthesia Sinclair

Grand Parliamentarian             Pr. Shandrea Robinson

Grand Assist. Parliamentarian  Pr. Jessica Weston

Grand Education Director         Pr. Cynthia Brown

Advisor                                      Pr. Anna Noldon-Green

Advisor                                      Pr. Gretchen Green

Grand Memorial Director           Pr. Nikki Nicole Collins

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